All the events at the Eufonia Festival, whether indoors or out, with paid or free admission, require that tickets be reserved by clicking on the « reserve » link at the end of the description of each concert given below. Please remember to click on the little (i) symbol to get full information for each ticket. The events with free admission (October 5, Villa 88, October 6, Station Ausone, and October 9, Machine à Musique-Lignerolles) are open only to members of the EUFONIA-BORDEAUX Association (membership is €10 via the helloasso site or at each venue).


Admission rates and conditions

  • Tickets may also be purchased on site the evening of the concert but please note that we do not accept credit cards. Payment by cheque or cash only.
  • Admission to concerts is free for under-18s accompanied by adults (free tickets available on the sales site), except for the concert of October 14 at the Bordeaux Auditorium: numbers are limited so please book early
  • Discount rates are available for students under 26 years of age and persons on minimum social welfare. They may purchase their ticket on the sales site but will need to provide a voucher document at the door. Here again, numbers are limited.
  • For some concerts, a « Privilege » ticket will be on sale at full rate up until 2 days before the concert. It is featured on the sales site and gives access to seats reserved in the privilege area. Numbers are limited.

Even though a smartphone scan is possible, you should preferably print your tickets purchased on the site for admission controls via a barcode scan. Please note that in the event of any attempt to photocopy one and the same ticket, only the first ticket controlled will provide admission to the concert.